ESC'ers 2021 Olaya en Silvia

Goodbye Olaya & Silvia!

Na 10 maanden in Destelheide en Hanenbos kwam er een einde aan het ESC-verhaal van onze Spaanse vrijwilligers Olaya Alonso Lopez en Silvia Runsiñol.

Olaya en Silvia ontwierpen onder meer talloze posters en postkaartjes, zorgden voor het foto- en videomateriaal bij diverse activiteiten en evenementen (ook te zien in dit magazine) en hielpen ons om de activiteiten en projecten in goede banen te leiden.

Olaya en Silvia nemen jullie graag nog een laatste keer mee door hun ervaringen in Destelheide en Hanenbos.
Dank je wel voor de fijne samenwerking, jullie creativiteit en inspiratie. Kortom, dank je wel om Destelheide en Hanenbos te laten bruisen! Muchas gracias! We zullen jullie missen!

Hey there, one last time!

I am Olaya, the ESC volunteer in Destelheide-Hanenbos, this almost finished 2021. There are only 15 days left here for me now, and I can’t help being a little bit sad about that.

Since I arrived in Dworp in March, it has been a long road, and things have changed so much since then. I remember that, in the beginning, Destelheide used to be empty, it was difficult to meet anybody, the restaurant was also closed… It was a bit lonely. But, since June, when all the country started to be back on track, it has been one of the best experiences I have ever had!
During all these months I have had the luck to meet wonderful people, discover many new places (as a local!), live in the cozy Villa, and try a lot of frituurs and gaufriers. I became a graphic designer and learnt een beetje Nederlands, language that I love (and sometimes hate… Seriously, what is your problem with prefixes?). And, last but not least, I could work side by side with a very welcoming team, that trusted me and allowed me to grow as a cultural worker.
One year ago, I had just been accepted in Destelheide’s volunteer program, and I was afraid of coming here, alone, in the middle of a pandemic, and leaving my hometown behind just for the promise of a ‘once in a lifetime experience’. But I dared to because I had this good feeling… And I could not be happier!

So, thank you all for the opportunity and for sharing this amazing journey with me.

It has been a pleasure! Just one thing left to say:
Tot binnenkort!

Hello, it’s Silvia!

As you are reading this, I will probably not be in Destelheide/Hanenbos anymore. My ESC came to an end, so maybe I should tell you a few things about my experience. First of all, it was really nice to be given the chance to go abroad and, then, the opportunity to volunteering in a place where you can meet artists and help them out. I think that talking to new people and finding out what they do, can inspire you to do something too! On the other hand, I have been able to try out some new things and get better at others too, from animation courses to photography. I have learned that sometimes you just have to do things without too much thinking, and that failing is part of the process of getting better. Furthermore, I am also grateful for everyone in the organization and especially for my mentor, they all help me whenever I asked for something, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything. All in all, I just want to say that – even if COVID is still there – if you are thinking of taking a step and join Destelheide/Hanenbos, it’s going to be a good decision.

I wish everyone a marvelous winter and will see you in the future for sure!


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