Hanenbos attaches great importance to sustainability.

At the Centre for Youth, Nature & Adventure, we dedicate ourselves to various themes, such as:

  • food safety
  • quality
  • mobility policy with low CO2 emissions
  • ecological use of water & energy

Organic – Fairtrade – Local 

Hanenbos attaches great importance to sustainability, which is reflected in honest, healthy and local products.

In the bar, you can enjoy local and organic beers or warm up with hot Fairtrade drinks.

In the afternoon, delicious organic soup is served to guests in the restaurant.

Water policy

In Hanenbos, the water policy also bears witness to sustainability.

Rainwater is collected in a large rain barrel and used for flushing toilets, among other things.

In order to encourage staff to come to work by bicycle, which is healthy for the body, mind and environment, each staff member was provided with an electric bicycle or speed pedelec, if desired.

According to research, our sustainable mobility policy has already avoided 4 tonnes of CO2 emissions in 2 years.

The Hanenbos fleet of vehicles is also fully electronic.

Ecological awareness

Striving for sustainability is a collective endeavour.

Thanks to all our joint efforts, Hanenbos was awarded the Smiley Label uitgereikt, a quality label that stands for sustainability, food safety and quality.

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