Would you like to play in the forest, experience adventures in nature, play sports to your heart’s content? Then, you should definitely be in the play forest of Hanenbos.

Why not experience the forest in a different way by balancing on a ropes course, defying your fear of heights on a climbing wall, exercising outdoors or simply playing in the forest?

Do you like walking? Do you have a detective’s nose? Or are you the quiet type who prefers to play board games indoors?

In Hanenbos, you have plenty of choices to play both indoors and outdoors.

Sports and loan materials

Are you itching to do some sports and exercise?

In addition to the forest experience trail, the climbing wall and the ropes course, you can play all kinds of other games or practise sports in the Hanenbos play forest.

Hanenbos also has a demarcated asphalt sports field with football and basketball goals.

A lot of sports and games equipment for these other games can be borrowed at the reception.

Love to play or do sports?

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Low ropes course

Can you keep your balance on the ropes course?

A little further in the play forest, you will find the low ropes course, where you can show off your acrobatics skills.

This is a safe way for people of all ages to enjoy an exciting walk among the trees.

Playing field

Would you like to run or play a big outdoor game?

Why stay indoors when you can have fun in the woods? Play a forest game, take a quiet walk, get to know the forest animals, ...

Hidden away in Hanenbos you will find an open plain: the Prairie. This playing field is suitable for large games where you can play and run to your heart’s content.

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